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Let us tell you a bit about the general comforts of the rooms here at the Maples, and after you will find pictures and descriptions of all the 4 different rooms you can choose to stay in while you visit with us in our beautiful home.

Each room has a comfortable quality queen size bed with the very best in quality bedding and pillows.  We offer very lovely and luxurious sheets, mints, assorted small snacks and bathroom accessories for your use.  Although we do not offer private bathrooms for each room, we do offer a European style bath selection instead.

There are thick and luxurious bathrobes for each guest and you may choose a bubble bath in one of our two claw footed bathtubs, or a shower as well.  We offer three bathrooms for our guests to use, so there are plenty of options to choose from while you stay here with us.

The sewing room is a lovely airy room with lots of light and a graceful and feminine theme.  With an antique sewing machine, and collectibles you are surrounded by beauty from days gone by.  The elegance and grace of the furnishings echo the peaceful and quiet surroundings in this gorgeous and lovely room.  The calming colors and accents of antique hats, sewing articles and delicate pin cushions are sure to create an atmosphere of peaceful serenity as you enjoy resting or relax with a favorite book.

The toy room is an exciting collection of antique toys that will be fascinating to younger crowds and a blast from the past for older guests.  From antique porcelain dolls to a poodle radio the furnishings and accents of this room are very rare and unusual parts of yesterdays childhood culture.  Relax in the casual comfort of beautiful playthings of yesterday as you enjoy your pleasant time at the Maples.

The Safari room is a very rustic type room with an African flare for fun and adventure.  With wild cheetahs and graceful giraffes this room is sure to stir the spirit of adventure in anyone.  The bold colors and fun atmosphere is loved by anyone whose ever felt an urge to wander the ends of the earth.

The Romance room is a beautiful and plush room full of luxury and elegance.  You will feel like you are living like a king in this lush surroundings.  A four poster bed cradles you as you rest, read or sleep and the decadent and antique decor adds to the pleasure and feel of richness and lavish surroundings of ultimate comfort.  This is the room for anyone wishing a retreat into comfort and solitude, with the peace and quiet anyone will love.

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To make a reservation, or inquire about an upcoming date, please call us toll free at 1-877-755-2505.