To make a reservation, or inquire about an upcoming date, please call us toll free at 1-877-755-2505

Our large yard is filled with many flower beds and expansive lawn.  Enjoy a relaxing glass of ice tea while you sit in the shade with a good book.  While leaves flutter down and birds flit in the branches you can really forget about everything and enjoy yourself.  The vast shady areas invite you to sit a while and enjoy the beauty of the landscaping and flowers.

Benches and tables abound and you are most welcome to have a lovely pick-nick luncheon on one of the several patio tables or lawn tables.  With a nice little grocery just down the street you can enjoy a wonderful repast right here at the Inn for lunch or a simple dinner.  By the pool or on the patio there are plenty of places to spread out a meal for yourselves in the privacy of our yard.

Get away from the world in a cozy little hideaway where you have everything you need to relax and enjoy your time with us.  Roast some hotdogs and marshmallows in one of the several outdoor fireplaces.  Everything you need it right at your fingertips, a perfect weekend getaway with privacy.  Perfect for couples who want to sneak sometime alone!  You won't really need to go much of anywhere with a bit of careful planning.

Play a game by the water garden or simply watch the horses graze while you listen to the breeze blow and the birds sing.  You can enjoy coffee and various breakfast items from the continental breakfast on the patio or wherever you like.  Enjoying the outside amenities if you so desire, there are various and many places to sit, talk and enjoy yourselves on the grounds.

We also have a lovely pool which is available in warm weather, you can float around with a drink and soak up the sun for hours, or just have a quick dip to cool off in the heat of summer.  Whatever you like to do outside, our large grounds has something for you to enjoy.

We have a beautiful natural cedar sauna which is available to guests.  A wonderful enjoyment on cool days, known to be relaxing and revitalizing.  Saunas are excellent for cleansing the skin and also great for the reduction of stress and strain.


With beauty and elegance surrounding you on every side you are going to love sitting outside in the gardens and around the grounds.  Call and reserve your room today and plan for time to just sit and talk, or roast some brats or hotdogs in one of the outdoor fireplaces, what could be more fun!

We accept Visa, Mastercard, checks, and Traveler's Checks.
To make a reservation, or inquire about an upcoming date, please call us toll free at 1-877-755-2505.